As 2013 quickly approached we want to pass a few changes onto you our viewers.

– As a team, we have decided not to renew the milestone exchange into the new year. We apologize for those who have been waiting. We highly encourage you to come together as a community and host your own milestone exchanges. For the exchanges that went smoothly, we heard nothing but good things. Unfortunately every month we experienced hiccups and it was never our intention for families not to receive gifts. Therefore, we will no longer be hosting exchanges. Thanks to all who participated in the past.

– We plan to put all our focus into our Pen-Pal Program. We will be working to spread the word of its existence to help reach families who are suffering in silence. We will be accepting new volunteers twice a year, so look for our first open call of 2013.

– More interaction and writing challenges on our Facebook Group.

As always, we are open to your suggestions. If there is something you would like to see new and improved please contact us at grieveoutloud@gmail.com

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