A New Voice in Loss

Year three.
What do you have in store for us?
For all of us?

Every year we talk about the natural evolution of Grieve Out Loud, and of our grief.
Welcomed or not, time distances us from our grief, but never from our hearts.
My grief is not as sharp.
It does not force itself up through my fingertips like it once did.
But I know yours does.

That said, GOL is working to publish the new voices of loss.
Your voice.
We want you to know we are not going anywhere.
In our silence, we are working on a better tomorrow for the folks who find us.
If you are interested in pitching new ideas for GOL please contact Julie.

Make sure to friend us on Facebook. Our private group has over 2500 members who discuss many topics facing the babyloss community.

Don’t forget about our Pen-Pal Program.
Last year we helped so many families find their way back to life after loss and want to continue with you.
Our extensive volunteer team covers an incredibly vast range of losses. Talk to someone who has walked a mile in your exact shoes. We are here to listen and offer any help we can.

As always, if you need anything, just contact us.

Happy New Year’s to you all. Thank you for supporting Grieve Out Loud!

Julie – GOL Founder

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