Pregnancy and Infant Loss Q&As

If there is one thing for certain, there are millions upon millions of questions that emerge in our lives after pregnancy and infant loss. While some questions will unfortunately never be answered, we would like to offer some comfort in real life answers to some of your other questions.

With over 2,500 real life pregnancy loss families, our private facebook page has truly become another resource in and of itself. We invite you to join our growing group and submit your questions to us. Here is an example of a recent story that came in with an overwhelming amount of comments.

It’s been five months since we lost our daughter. Some days are worst than others, but I feel like no one understands at all. Nothing has been the same. People that say they “will be there” aren’t. There is absolutely NO ONE to talk to, or anyone that can relate. I just feel alone. Yes, I have my husband but he doesn’t like to show his emotions often. Does anyone else feel this way?!

As always, we just want you to know you are not alone — and all the feelings and emotions you are going through are real. We look forward to you joining our group and sharing your questions with us. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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  • Paul Watson Says:

    Hi I’m struggling to find your facebook group. Is it still available? My wife and I lost our son (James John Watson) at 36 weeks into the pregnancy 6 days ago. I’m really just looking to see if there is anything available online that can help us both to progress through our grieving. Thank you. Paul

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